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    Research conducted by Harvard University, the Carnegie Foundation, and Stanford Research Center found that 85% of job success comes from having well-developed soft skills and people skills, while only 15% comes from technical skills and knowledge (hard skills).While some people may possess natural aptitude for certain soft skills, most can be learned and improved with practice and feedback. This means that individuals have the power to develop and enhance their soft skills over time.

    1. A High Impact Workshop

    1. A High Impact Workshop

    Come vibe at our 5-hour workshop, complete with a chill BRUNCH BREAK smack dab in the middle. Get ready for some serious skill boosting with high-energy facilitation!
    2. Best Practice References

    2. Best Practice References

    We're all about cutting the fluff. Our approach is anchored in best practices and relevant concepts from the world of work. We make sure the skills you learn are applicable when it counts
    3. Online Take Aways

    3. Online Take Aways

    Once you've rocked that workshop, we're not about to leave you hanging. You'll still be plugged into all the online goodies and extra resources for a cool 30 days.

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    Get ready to supercharge your professional journey with SmartSkills! We're thrilled to offer an exciting lineup of 10 interactive Soft Skill Booster Programmes. From Sales to Customer Service and everything in between, our Boosters are designed to inject some serious funk into your skill set!

    Check it out, here are three fly reasons why soft skills set you apart:

    • Charisma for Days. When it comes to smooth communication and connection, they don't call it charisma for nothing! Being able to vibe with others, listen, and make folks feel heard? That's the key to unlocking doors like a master of ceremonies.

    • Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Picture this: syncing up with a team like a tight-knit groove. Soft skills bring the harmony, baby. With empathy, cooperation, and flexibility, you're not just part of the ensemble, you're conducting the whole symphony.

    • Problem-Solving. Life's full of twists and turns, right? Soft skills are like the magic wand in your pocket, guiding you through the funky maze. With creativity, adaptability, and emotional intelligence, you're flipping problems into opportunities and keeping the rhythm alive.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We're all about efficiency because time is cash, and we're not about to waste yours on fluff. Here's the lowdown on our workshop program:

    🚀 08:30 - 09:00 Roll up and get your caffeine fix
    🥐 09:00 - 11:00 Get your brain buzzin' in Session One
    1️⃣ 11:00 - 12:00 Chow down on some brunch vibes 🍳
    2️⃣ 12:00 - 14:00 Dive deep into Session Two and level up! 🚀

    Ready to level up your skills and vibe with us? We're stoked to announce that our workshops are hitting up spots all across South Africa, bringing you the freshest knowledge and coolest vibes!

    We totally get that you might need to circle back and dive into some specifics. So, here's the lowdown: hop on our online platform for all the key takeaways, highlights, and bullet points from the course. We've condensed the essentials to keep you on track and make sure you're fully equipped to rock it in your field.

    We're all about keeping it real here. We're all about that high-impact, no-nonsense learning vibe. At SmartSkills, we're here to amp up your game without all the unnecessary hassle. We're talking short, punchy courses that pack a serious punch. Your proof? It's not some fancy piece of paper – it's in how you show up every single day. We're all about that superhero status, and we're here to ignite your energy and blast your skills into the stratosphere

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